'Orphan Black' is officially ending with Season 5

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BBCAmerica dropped some sad (yet happy) news today: Orphan Black will officially end with Season 5, which will air next year.

Why is it both sad and happy? We'll explain.

Few shows have gone where this one has in the relatively short period of time that it's been on the air. Without OB, the world might not ever have known just how insanely talented an actress Tatiana Maslany is. We've been intrigued, infuriated, perplexed, enamored--an entire spectrum of emotions have been felt by fans of this show from the very first episode. 

But isn't it better for the things we love to go out on top?

One of the most admirable things about many UK series vs. many US series is that they know when and where to end, instead of limping along and grinding our fond memories of when these shows were at their height into dust. With the rare exception of exceedingly well-defined shows like Breaking Bad, US TV doesn't usually do this very well.

Obviously, we don't know what S5 holds. But so far, the series hasn't done us wrong yet, so we have faith in the writers that they're going to steer our ship to a more than satisfactory destination. (And we sat all the way through all of Dexter, so we know all about unsatisfactory destinations.)

If you're a fan of Orphan Black, you know that creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett have a pretty good handle on what they wanted to explore. The two short companion comic book series that accompany the show gave additional depth to the main Project Leda clones portrayed by Maslany, as well as what really happened in Helsinki. 

Although it's sad to say goodbye to one of the most creative, original shows we've ever seen, Season 5 will add 10 more episodes and hopefully answer all our important questions. The season finale of S4 airs tonight. You can catch up on all past episodes streaming exclusively on Amazon (Prime has S1-3 streaming; you must purchase a season pass to view S4 on Amazon). 

Here's the official announcement:

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