Pavlok shock-bracelet helps you stop biting your fingernails & other bad habits

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The Pavlok, a play on Pavlov, is a device that allows you to use Pavlov's greatest discovery - operand conditioning - to help shape your own life. With a built-in battery, wireless connectivity and two metal electrodes held firm against the skin of the wrist, the Pavlok can deliver a short, painful shock whenever certain conditions are met. 

These conditions, which are completely programmable, can range from biting your fingernails, to not walking enough. The device communicates with software on your smartphone to determine when you need a shock. 

The device is so effective that online bank Intelligent Environments recently launched a new commercial banking service they call Interact® IoT, which uses Pavlok technology to alert users with a brief shock whenever they spend money above-and-beyond what they have budgeted

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