Penny Dreadful had a dreadful ending.

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Needless to say, there were many mixed emotions about how things came together, or how they didn’t depending on who you asked. Fans, aka Dreadfuls, often described the show as dark, yet satisfying, beautiful, poetic and soul-stirring.  Twitter reaction included a gamut of emotion; from anger to gratitude from have been a part of such a sensational show over the past three years.

I still haven’t sorted out my feelings. There are many questions unanswered, back stories undeveloped and I’m not happy about never having the answers. Questions like “WHY WAS DORIAN GRAY EVEN HERE?”. I’m not alone in this apparently. A petition was created on asking Netflix to buy the popular series.  Only, I’m not seeing where the actual actors are upset about the demise of the show, or even want to come back. In fact, there was talk of Eva Green being relieved, as Vanessa was such a draining character.  Whether that's true or not, I have no idea.  I'm sure we'll never know, as Eva is way too classy to actually let those words pass her lips.  Penny Dreadful has surely opened many doors for her.

Not everyone (myself included) is buying the story that it was intended to end in 3 seasons. Sure, it probably started out that way. But the hasty wrap up leads me to believe that at some point it was decided to stretch the story line, and something happened (*ahem* creator John Logan getting hired to do adapt Patti Smith’s “Just Kids”) forced them to go back to the original plan. Thus, we get a loose, rushed ending with many plot holes that shall never be filled.

Our best hope may be for a series spinoff that may answer some of the questions we've had about several, seemingly wasteful, characters.  That approach could possibly bring closure for Dreadfuls that are, like me, still in denial about how unfinished this all feels.  Our heroine sacrificed herself so that everyone around her (read:men) could continue on.  She wanted more for them than she wanted for herself.  That idea, is a bit too close to home for most women.

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