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I first tried the Reformer (the Chair, Cadillac and Barrell too!) at Simply Balanced, a wonderful Pilates studio on California Street in San Francisco in 2002. 

I still practice it to this day at least twice a week, this time at Vida Pilates UC. It's also my 'alone' time. I highly recommend this workout to lengthen and strengthen your muscles overall, tone and tighten your core muscles, and work and stretch those muscles you don't usually use! Oh yes we do cardio too in many fun ways one of which is jumping on the boards.

It's also a coordination exercise incorporating breathing and movement plus being aware of where your shoulders, back, neck and feet are placed whilst pulling in the core, relaxing the face and neck. Sometimes we're on the balls of our feet, at other times on the toes. The friendly and well-trained  instructors make sure we in the class get a great overall workout in 50 minutes. 

I love the 5-minute stretches in the end too where they incorporate a bit of yoga and set up the day intentionally internally after working on the body. A great way to start the morning for me and I highly recommend it! 

Grand Opening of Vida Pilates UC on Oct. 17. It was formerly called Chakra Pilates. As you can see there were tiny treats after each class that day - mini red velvet cupcakes in Vida Pilates colors, mint green and bright yellow. I had one which I washed down with super-hydrating antioxidant-rich kangen water. The two Brazilian instructors who are also the new owners taught back-back-classes and challenged the students using different props while on the Allegro reformer. 

Pilates on the reformer with classical moves developed by Joseph Pilates. 

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