Poems: The New Street Food, for Thought

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Back in the heyday, entertainment for most industry parties typically revolved around DJs and live bands, and an open bar. But in recent years, other forms of entertainment such as creative photo booths, magicians, tarot readings, and even temporary tattoos are now all the rage.

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Poetry should be in your everyday life like coffee in the morning. Amazing poet @poetrywhileyouwait #NOLA #poet #amazing

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From NOLA to LA, Shannon Monaghan is a traveling poet. She travel across the country every summer by way of freight train or hitchhiking with her typewriter and shares her poetry on the streets. When I asked, she said she's been doing this for almost two years now, just about the same time this whole poetry on the street movement started. Yes, there are quite a handful of these poetry street performers hanging out on the sidewalk of famous streets and cities that are known for their art culture, such as New Orleans, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, Seattle and so on...

(CBS news explores the lost art through Shannon Monaghan's interview)

Does it pay? No, not really. They mostly rely on donations and tips just like other street performers, but I definitely see more charm and romance in getting a personalized poem typed in front of you on a piece of distressed paper. Some poets have already taken it to the next level by using a quill and ink instead of a typewriter!

(Poets lined up on street in NOLA by uncletravelingjoe)

(Shannon Monaghan at Burningman)

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