Pokemon Go has taken over the world

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Look around you, chances are every other person you see is playing the game.

A new smartphone game based on cute Nintendo characters like Squirtle & Pikachu became the top grossing app in the iPhone app store just days after its US release on July 6th. 

Instead of taking place in a fictional world, Pokemon Go sets the game in the player’s immediate surroundings. It's an augmented reality game, which layers game-play onto the physical world. 

 Right now it’s the talk of the internet with the technological elements around AR and location getting a lot of attention.

The app connects to your GPS and notifies users when a Pokemon is nearby. That's when you travel to specific locations, which are sometimes well-known local landmarks that even have digital sign posts to detail what they are. Gamers, millions of them,  have been spotted walking around - in the great outdoors - and seem to be pretty happy about it!

The 'outside' component has been well received so far. Millennials nostalgic for summers spent playing the earliest Pokemon titles on Nintendo’s handheld game console Game Boy Color have stormed social media with Pokemon-centric memes and jokes.

While people shirking all responsibilities are happily wandering about in public areas to catch Pokémon, it was only a matter of time before someone went around documenting the phenomenon.

There is no doubt about it. Pokemon has caught on everywhere. Remember, just don't search and destroy while your driving the car. 

It's Available both on iOS and for Android and is free to download. 

While it is currently ranked as the most-downloaded app in the “free” category in Apple’s App Store in the US.,  more importantly, it’s also ranked as the highest-grossing app. Nintendo makes money when users buy optional virtual goods, such as extra “Pokeballs,” which help players catch more Pokemon. FYI: In the past few days, Nintendo shares soared as the game captured hearts everywhere. 

Go forth and conquer!

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