Postcard Poems by Jamie Berrout

Postcard Poems written by Jamie Berrout, a #queer #Mexican #trans woman writer from the #SouthTexas border. Other collections she has written include Otros Valles and Incomplete Short Stories and Essays. Berrout makes her work available to other trans women at no cost. She is co-editor of a collection of short fiction featuring trans women of color.

Beautiful #prose of longing and desire and solitude that comes when you’ve been alone too long. The snapshots of time are divided into three sections-Portland, LA and South Texas border. I first came to know her words on tumblr a while ago-that place where 956 and radical and queer folks seem to gravitate towards when our geographical location lacks the space and know-how to hold us. And as it always seems to happen, she has since left the border area. Support her work via Patreon.

Because we live on the river and drink from the river, live from the excess and remains of the upland. Having been born into a life and wanting nothing more. When I say, “This is witchcraft” and when I say, “These are spirits and these are ghosts,” I am speaking from experience. The law is different here. You pray for your salvation and you pray for the destruction of your rivals: there are enough stories and there are enough gods for you to have love. 

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