Prepping for a future when VR is every day life

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Virtual and augmented reality is moving so fast it's easy to forget how we used to think about these technologies a year or two ago...

...or to even begin imagining how we'll stop thinking about immersive media altogether when it's an invisible part of every day life. That day is coming.

Here's a look at the past year of work from a special research team that experiments  with VR in order to prepare us for our future.

The video is narrated by Vi Hart, a member of eleVR, a 4-year-old non-profit research team hosted by YCombinator Research. She goes through main themes, examples, and learnings of the year's work. 

87the modern incarnation of Xerox Parc88the innovation arm of Xerox responsible for several of computing's most important advances.


What the headset shows us isn't reality, but the experience is real and it changes how we feel and how we think. A virtual object once seen continues to linger, for example, and can be referenced, shared and pointed at, becoming a real part of our common experience, Hart says in the video. 

Virtual experiences linger in our bodies too which you'll recognize if you've ever checked yourself after a session in a VR headset, when you try to walk through a physical obstacle.


174augmented understanding175 use our own body knowledge and real-time feedback to understand things we couldn’t understand before, like complex mathematical concepts. 

201also looking at the philosophical implications of how new technology will change our understanding of ourselves.202


The Office of the Future project revealed thatin a VR world work gets done on the floor. 

270how bodies want to work271

The answer: a workspace designed with props borrowed from the field of restorative yoga. 


You can't use the scientific method to arrive at a hypothesis, says Hart. eleVR has been borrowing methods from the art world and using them in self-aware ways to push boundaries to new questions that aren't along the usual path, Hart says.

Did you miss something in the video? Read the blog post that goes along with it, complete with links.

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