Reading can transport you

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Pain is temporary, pride is forever. You can overcome it – you can #transcend it. You can mentally transport yourself away from it. 

Because I had a shit #childhood, I read a lot. I learned that in #reading you could transport yourself to that setting, and #dissociate yourself from your current #pain, situation, living arrangements. 

When I went through camp in '86, you were able to have a #Bible as a personal item. I am not Christian. I have always carried with me a #book when I travel, that book is #Walden. I convinced my DI that #Transcendentalism was a #religion (which technically it is) and I was able to keep the book as a personal item. 

Any time I had a down moment, and needed a reprieve – I found #solace in those pages. Things may have changed since then, but if you can get a #faith book in your personal gear, DO IT. 

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