Reality check: blame the media for the election results?

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Spectacle sells. Spectacle also has a cost. We don't know yet how much this election spectacle will cost us, but it has put Donald Trump into the White House come January.

Microsoft researcher on tech and society, danah boyd, writes today about the role media played in the 2016 presidential election, and calls the industry to its responsibilities as researchers and producers of information:

2324type25b26contents27type28text29contents30The media industry needs to take responsibility for its role in producing spectacle for selfish purposes. There is a reason that the public doesn’t trust institutions in this country. 31type32text33contents34And what the media has chosen to do is far from producing information. It has chosen to produce anxiety in the hopes that we will obsessively come back for more. That is unhealthy. And it’s making us an unhealthy country.35

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What gets through also matters.

(Credit: Reuters/Stephen Lam/Jonathan Drake/Photo montage by Salon)

Salon explains how the media normalized Donald Trump and demonized Hillary Clinton. Take a look at these two Gallup-based word-cloud of what voters reported they had heard about candidates for a couple of months leading up to the election. 

94people had heard a whole lot about Clinton’s emails and it certainly wasn’t in a positive context95

Read the whole story at Salon:

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