Reworking my oldest bass guitar.

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I've begun work on my 1996 Ibanez SR300 DX (P/J Version).  It's a cheapo bass guitar that was bought by my brother, Santiago, but he never learned to play so I ended up with it.  It's a pretty good bass for the price ($400 - $500 US), It keeps a really great intonation overall, never goes out of tune... but the pickups and electronics are crap.  I've used it along the years for practice with several bands... you know, taking a $3000 US bass to a practice is just dumb... accidents can and will happen.  So i've decided to re-do the finish and change the electronics and pickups... it will be a passive P/J bass with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P/J Pickups Set... massive tone.  The wood is nice, it's a Korina, but I will spray primer and work a solid purple and black sunburst over it (Purple is my favorite color).  Tuners and tailpiece will be kept intact.

I always hated the blue finish in this bass... would have never been my choice in color... this is the photoshop mockup I've designed:

Done with scraping the original crapola finish, used some wood body filler (because I scraped curves hard with my power tools) and levelled with higher grit sandpaper, this is what i've got right now:

So It looks pretty much ready for priming and painting.  Will keep you posted.

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