Rihanna is having the best bday week ever

Rihanna is having the best bday week ever

Topaz ? 2 years ago


Image: Charles Platiau/Reuters

She began the 2012 Nonprofit, The Clara and Lionel Foundation Scholarship Program, with the mission of assisting Carribean + South American students attend college in the US. Fun fact: Clara & Lionel are her grandparents. Grammy award-winning singer, shoe designer, humanitarian... the only thing left is for Rihanna to star in a movie + become POTUS.

Hey. Stranger things have happened. (* looks to current POTUS for Exhibit A*) The 29-yr old will receive her award February 28th in Boston at Sanders Theater; but don't hold your breath on getting tickets. Unless, of course, you're a Harvard student.

99Love on the Brain100

She also celebrated her 29th birthday on February 20th. So yeah, best week ever! Do we know anyone who works harder?

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