Ripping Apart Romance: The Holiday

Ripping Apart Romance: The Holiday

Topaz ? 3 years ago

In this series, we'll rip a popular romantic movie to shreds. It's our small way to save the world from weird, unrealistic relationship expectations. You're welcome.

In this edition, we'll be analyzing the feel-good classic, The Holiday. Below are our observations:

1) Kate Winslet, AKA Iris, is so hopelessly in love with her co-worker, Jasper, that she hasn't been with anyone else. Because, you know, in real life, men wouldn't be desperately flinging themselves at her left and right. She's just a common woman, lusting after a man who's taken! It's not as if her Goddess-like looks would turn any man into silly putty at her feet. She just simply can't get a guy!

41don42t remember the last time they got naked together. Yes

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