Romanian Fashionista Cat pokes fun at the glamor life

Romanian Fashionista Cat pokes fun at the glamor life

Topaz ? 2 years ago

Anybody can be glamorous. Even a cat!

To prove this fact Roxana Dulama starts dressing up her cat Pitzush. Rescue cat Pitzush Puss In Glam became an Instagram star quite fast. At the moment she has more than 23k followers.

Romanian Fashionista Cat is a poke at women who are overdressed with no substance. 

Roxana believes that current fashion icons are not good role models for young girls as they promote superficiality and body issues. And with pictures of Pitzush, she hopes to make a point.

'I started dressing Pitzush because I thought that so many women in fashion aren't good role models for young women - and they end up getting body conscious,’ – says Roxana.

For animal lovers: Pitzush loves photoshoots and her eyelashes are Photoshopped. 

Ready for #mfw 2016. Milan, get ready 'cause I will rock your fashion week! #milanfashionweek

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To have a behind-the-scenes look at her photoshoots, follow the link below:

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