Sad Girls & Other Stories

Sad Girls & Other Stories, #shortstory collection by Margaret Elysia Garcia

Sad Girls & Other Stories written by Margaret Elysia Garcia was published earlier this year. A collection of stories that end too soon, of home and loneliness and growing up. Set in a time that is no more in #LA, of coming of age and wanting to cry when you see your mom share an ice cream with a friend and you can’t figure out why. A perpetually sad #Latina myself, I could identify with the core #sadness but the place is far from the hot South Texas childhood of my #dystopian story where the university was always, hopefully, the place a few chosen would leave to attend after high school and hoped as hell you never came back. But it seems the perpetual sad girls and Mexi-goths can be found everywhere. Read all her work, it’s infectious. 

#latina #writers #comingofage #yalit #indiepress 

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