Safety, geolocation, entertainment, tracking, an ecosystem of providers

Practical Uses

As connected cars integrate into the very fabric of our lives, we'll be able to book parking bays at train stations, purchase movie tickets on our way to the theater, send alerts to family when we're running late and listen to music based on our smartphone playlists.

Let's look at five areas where the connected car will make a difference:

Entertainment: Libraries of audio and video content, streamed podcasts or Internet radio can be available at the touch of a button.

Geo-location services: Information about restaurants, hotels or gas stations will enhance convenience for drivers and bring manufacturers new opportunities for partnerships with local businesses.

Customer safety: On-board diagnostics can tell emergency providers (and manufacturers) if a car is in an accident. Any electronic or mechanical faults will be automatically reported.

Track and trace for fleets: With fleets of connected vehicles, operators will have more detailed information to optimize route planning and vehicle maintenance.

APIs that enable a third-party ecosystem: From tire centers and coffee shops to electric-car charging stations, myriad new opportunities will emerge for tailored marketing.

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