Sight, Breath, Hold, Squeeze, Exhale, Reacquire - Repeat

Topaz ?
Author Topaz ?
Collection Trigger Time

There is a rhythm to #shooting that you have to master.

Your pulse, breathing and adrenaline will cause you to miss a target.

Thus you will be trained in what is known as 'Run and #Gun'. You will have to move and scoot in paces from fast march to a run, to get to your next #shooting station. They will purposely run you hard and loaded with a pack in between the 'Hot Boxes'. This only simulates #combat. When you are being shot at, it is dark, and you are sleep deprived, all elements of #stress need to be mitigated to put lead on target, and help you survive to the next day, OP or #deployment.

#BootCamp #M16 #BasicRifle #Marksmanship

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