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If anyone has ever told you to have several seats, then you have been politely told to sitcho ass down...several times.

Today's #SADaward goes to Erykah Badu. Erykah, I thought you were my girl. What you said today can't be the same chick who told all the #fuckboys to call Tyrone. It can't be the same diva who pulled off the first individual naked flash mob whilst singing. It can't be the same goddess who #slayed Iggy Azalea and gave her all the lives.

(pic from @fatbellybella twitter timeline)

In one misguided post, Erykah admitted that she is part of the brainwashed idealism that actually BELIEVES that what a girl wears will determine if boys are distracted or sexually attracted to the girls.

I'm calling major bullshit.

Look, I have a teenage daughter. She goes to a Christian school. Modesty is something that is being taught in our household. But don't get it twisted- I want my daughter to learn to respect herself and dress to her level intelligence and self-worth. However; if she chose to wear a 2 piece bikini to the beach, or a skirt that stops mid-thigh that shows off her (gorgeous) games because that makes HER feel great that day.. then dammit, that's her prerogative (after she moves out of my house).

Changing hemlines on skirts will not protect our girls. I commend her for wanting to open dialogue.. but we have a history of throwing a band-aid over problems.. and writing prescriptions for ailments instead of finding the cure. Changing the length of a skirt is ignoring the real issue.

Make no mistake...what a woman wears will not stop a boy/man from being distracted, attracted or inappropriate. If raised properly, what a woman wears will also not be the thing to cause him to be attracted, respectful and a gentleman.

Boys/Men are responsible for their thoughts and actions. America spends too much time objectifying women, and then blaming us for the men's internal rotting. Case in point? My King is still ready to get down if I have on lingerie or my pink furry robe with my headscarf on with morning breath. Why? Because what I have on doesn't matter.

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If anyone tells you different, tell them to have several damn seats.

Erykah.. I'm sure this was just a misunderstanding. When I get in the car in the morning, Ima still blast Baduizm.

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