So Let Me Tell You About BeyondOurOwn

First I started a personal Storia page,@projectmaven, where I've posted stories about my creative exploits as a writer and a musician. Then, I realized that Storia is the ideal place to start a new channel to explore all the interviews I've been doing with creative people over the years. I've wanted a place where I can share glimpses into their creative vision, stories from their lives, and a look at the things that inspire and enlighten them.

Beyond Our Own Filmworks is the name of the film company I established years ago, when I first started making documentaries and music videos. I took that name, because it reminds me to look beyond the little movies we carry around in our heads. We all have ideas about how things should be, or thoughts about what's possible. Sometimes, with the proper stimulation, we can go beyond the boundaries of all those preconceptions.

At BeyondOurOwn, I'll be interviewing artists, writers, musicians, dancers, curators, producers, creative advisors and healers. I'll be talking to people who have a vision for what's possible in the world and are using some creative method of sharing what they see with the rest of us. I'll be exploring the things that make me excited to be alive and the people that are devising new ways to bring that excitement into the world. I'll be sharing these conversations and stories with you. I hope you'll stick around for the crazy ride!

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