Special Correspondents is sort of funny

Special Correspondents is sort of funny

Author Topaz ?

We wanted to love this! If it had been given another two passes on the script maybe it would have slotted in to a place in history next to Romancing The Stone with a fish out of water romp in South America. But no. 

The pacing was off, the acting was cartoonish, and there was no character to bond with in this radio news adventure of an odd couple (Eric Bana's the law-breaking, fabulist journalist and Gervais is the unappreciated sound tech who's never done anything in his life except play the Rebel Coup video game). 

There's some extra painful scenes with America Ferrara and another guy being nice but not smart Spanish-speaking neighbors. It's really not that funny.


There were a couple of funny moments, but it doesn't jell.


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