Spectacular headgear promotes style, peace

Spectacular headgear promotes style, peace

Topaz ? 2 years ago

What Slavic artist workshop Third Rooster did with their series of women  in traditional Ukrainian headdresses, showed up as a trend on the Paris runway this year - combining fashion with a message of peace. 

The team Third Rooster is made up of photographers, stylists, and makeup artists who are smitten with Ukraine, and use photography to share the beauty and unique customs of their homeland with the rest of the world.

Model Nadiia Shapoval who appears in Vogue Magazine just recently mentioned that floral themes were trending because fashion forward types, in reaction to full on violence in the world today want to show the need for tenderness in things. 

Beyond festival girls and summertime fetes, models wore heaping botanical crowns in a show titled “Armour of Peace.” In fact, peace may indeed be the most prevalent reason for wearing the flower crown in today’s world.

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