Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Topaz ? 3 years ago

I've been thinking about following up on my New Year's #intention to get rid of excess #baggage, whether that means knick knacks in the apartment, pounds gained during the winter months or neutralizing metaphysical #energy from others that drains me.

It was high time and I am well on my way to feeling in health.

#mind #body #spirit - My friend sent me this Mehndi coloring book, supposedly it helps ease the mind, maybe even meditative...I'm giving it a try. 

Two weeks ago put myself on a #diet without sugars, fats or dairy and a daily walk.

57If you are walking to improve your health

I've lost 6 lbs and am starting my days less groggy and less grumpy. Yay me!

My routine (yes, this Pisces woman said the R word....)  drop off #LaBlonde at school and by 7am I'm at this pretty little #lake near to our house. I walk around, enjoy looking at the water,  teeming w ducks, geese, jumping fish. The park grounds are casual with squirrels, dog walkers and runners. Even the local #Buddhist #monk #walks here.

City park in NW Denver 

Foggy morning

The #lake changes #color depending on the sky and the wind. I love to take #pictures of the changes

My favorite tree #treesrule #mothernature

This little guy made me laugh - of course he is getting his morning breakfast, diving down into the water. But it struck me how we must all look like that sometime, with our heads in the water/clouds/sand pretending to avoid the obvious lessons all around us.  Cute #duckbutt

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