#SpyThriller: 'Thing Big, Think Dirty' by #WilliamGarner

#SpyThriller: 'Thing Big, Think Dirty' by #WilliamGarner

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Can a thriller be a #comfortbook? Yes, if it's Think Big, Think Dirty by #WilliamGarner, a #spynovel, and as #spynovels go, it is fast-paced with a good dose of suspense and twists. But what makes the #novel stand out is its unique old-world good-humored charm, subtle satire, and off-kilter characters. Where a lot of spy novels will rely on a single flamboyant central character, Think Big, Think Dirty instead employs two protagonists -- a flawed but humane spy called John Morpurgo, and an eccentric and savvy ordinary-man-caught-in-extraordinary-circumstances called E. R. Trigg.

John Morpurgo works as head of British counter-intelligence for his government. But smart and loyal though he is, he is also something of an anomaly -- his leftist views always bring him in opposition with the elitist right-wing power brokers in his country. As he seeks to topple Soviet misinformation plans, he is viewed with suspicion by his own government, with his enemies in his own department flocking with the CIA to bring him down. Morpurgo must ultimately rely on the honesty and support of a rank outsider, the uncannily wise and outspoken E. R. Trigg, also called Trigger (but naturally!).

The character of E. R. Trigg provides an able thread of comic relief throughout the book. Trigg is a down-to-earth rustic whose native intelligence and quick calculation is a great foil to the elaborate and sometimes over-serious and over-the-top planning of the spies around him.

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