Stephen Jackson Keeps It Real for Serena

Former #Spurs #basketball #player, #StephenJackson, known for getting into it on the basketball court (!!) managed to confront some #disgusting #idiotic #racist #gymrats about not calling the #WorldNumberOne #tennis star #SerenaWilliams a #gorilla. 

And about NOT comparing her to #Harambe, the 17-year old #silverback gorilla who was recently shot to death after a child fell into his #Cincinnati #Zoo enclosure. What is fascinating is that Stephen has recorded a video where he shares about the incident.

Click on the #Instagram below:

Love to all. Always stand up for what's right. I'm not perfect but I'm also not a racist. Dig.

A video posted by Stephen Jackson (@stak5pa) on

91Stephen Jackson Confronts White Man for Making Racist Serena Williams Joke.92

‘Jackson later added that, if he were still the same person that he was during his playing days, he may have reacted much differently to the man at the gym:

“I'm glad I've changed. This what would have normally happened when I heard the guy being racist today. Sneaky & shady things always catch up with u. Nobodies immune from it. Free Game. I bet this a lot of people 1st time seeing the 2nd beer thrown in Ron face. Smh. I had to.”’

#StephenJackson is known for his former career as an #intense #basketball player and if there was a scuffle...he was probably somewhere near it. These days, he makes regular appearance on #ESPN as a commentator, and is still quite the #celebrity figure. 

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