Stephen King's Stranger Love Songs is pop art at its finest

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There's one thing that unites us all, no matter where we're at in the world or in our lives: Art informs life informs art. 

With that in mind, it's no wonder that the wheel of nostalgia keeps on rolling. Its constant forward motion allows us to reflect and refract our shared lifetimes of pop cultural experiences through a constantly evolving modern lens. 

Take graphic designer Butcher Billy's latest collection, Stephen King's Stranger Love Songs.

54some of the most hopeless

If you lived through the '80s, are a Stephen King fan, are a graphic design student, and/or love the songs referenced, this is a treasure trove of nostalgic feels. 

What I absolutely love even more than the imagery is the visible texture that appears in the close-ups. You almost get the tactile sensation of holding one of these books in your hand, just by looking at it. If you read them at the time, it even evokes memories of the specific smell these books had. 

VHS fans, don't worry. Butcher Billy's got your number, too. 

To view the entire collection, or to purchase T-shirts and prints from it and support Butcher Billy's work, check out his Behance gallery:

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