Stop and Smell the Flowers, Candidate

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When was the last time a crowd of diverse people gathered together peacefully and cheered the words of a Social Democrat who stands for ideas like fair wages, equality, freedom from oppression and corruption and the ruling class? 

Okay, was it a couple of days ago? Maybe a week? Sure. but was it a crowd that the really tight-fisted #conservative estimators are saying was about 20,000 people...or the more likely and more accurate figure of about 60,000 people? There hasn't been a crowd that large in #Oakland #California on a #peaceful mission in a long time. If there has, feel free to mention it in the comments.

But you probably never heard about the nearly 60,000 people showing up to cheer and throw flowers to #Bernie because it didn't make #network or #cable #news or any major #publication. Wonder why? #Twitter was on-point as usual, and the pictures were amazing!!

77Sanders’ Secret Service agents tackle protesters at huge Oakland rally78RT International link below.)

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