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One thing that I'm grateful for is that because of #difficult #childhood experiences I've had it's become easy for me to read people. It's even easier for me to assess if it makes sense for to be around someone or not. There are certain people that I have to deal with but I've always been very #stubborn about #defending my #boundaries and I refuse to take on anymore #emotional #stress than necessary. 

Because of this and luck I've made some really beautiful and important #friendships. Don't even get me started on my #sisters who are everything to me. No one is an island and regardless of whether you're an #introvert or an #extrovert we all need #communities for our #survival and our #self-growth. 

23Have you ever heard of a manic episode? You need to call her parents and let them know what24t able to do anything. But besides that everyone was lovely. People came to the hospital to visit me and it all had an air of nonchalance to it. There wasn25t be able to do this without them. 26type27p28contents29type30text31contents32This past year has been the first where I33m navigating my way out of the grand forest that is #self-hatred. I34re reading this and struggling yourself just know that you can do it but it'll probably never be easy. "

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