Tatiana Maslany talks Two Lovers and a Bear, Orphan Black at Cannes

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You might know the incredibly talented #TatianaMaslany best from her multiple starring roles on #BBCAmerica's #OrphanBlack. The Canadian star appeared at #Cannes 2016 to promote her new film, #TwoLoversAndABear.

Directed by #KimNguyen, the indie film also stars #DaneDeHaan and was shot in #Nunavut--the northernmost, least-populated, and coldest part of Canada. 

In the video, Maslany breaks down what it was like to literally freeze her face off while shooting this film, and how cool it was to visit that part of Canada. 

The #OrphanBlack star also talks about which clone is most like her. For those not familiar with the fantastic, dark, fascinating sci-fi drama created by #JohnFawcett and #GraemeManson, Maslany plays a series of clones on the show. Each character she plays is very different from all the others, and what's undeniably impressive is how she brings a completely different persona to each character. 

Check out the video above to watch #TatianaMaslany talk about her new film, #OrphanBlack, and the fashion double standard for actresses in #Hollywood.

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