The $12K ticket to hell on earth

What do Ja-Rule, Blink-182, the Bahamas, and a laughable group of rich kids all have in common at the moment? Just the biggest #garbagefyre music festival of 2017 is all, nbd really.

Fyre, as in Fyre Media Inc., which is Ja-Rule's talent-booking company duped hundreds of well-to-do kids and wannabe Instagram models into purchasing tickets to the 62luxtravaganza.63 Those tickets weren't cheap either, going from around $2k and as high as $400k (kid you not).

Billed as 98the best in food

Fyre Fest 2017 looks more like a dystopian/futuristic version of Lord of the Flies. The lineup was lit (not really) with headliners Blink-182 and performances by Desiigner, Tyga, and Pusha T., as well as others.

The fire started smoldering in early April when Journal reported that the festival had already missed making payments to some of the performers, Ja-Rule however, remained unfazed.

The disaster of a festival didn't even require a whole day to fully engulf the way a dried out Christmas tree might after being doused in gas and set ablaze. Guests arrived tohalf put together stages, refugee camp-like housing (they paid for private villas), and a certain lack of one major necessity, food!


203You were promised food — we were like starving. And you were promised safety

All flights in had been cancelled as of this morning (thank god) and logistics were being put in place to get more than a thousand people back to Miami ASAP, just one small problem, there wasn't a contingency plan for this. Because, why would there be? So instead people were being locked in the airport without food or water, not a joke.

It's hard not to laugh at a room full of trust fund babies being fed bread and cheese and locked in a room, but really this was not a safe situation. It is however, safe to say that the planned week 2 of Fyre Fest will be cancelled, nobody being more heartbroken than Ja-Rule.

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