The bizarre-ness that was the Golden Globes

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Strange things happen every day, but you don’t really expect them at a Hollywood Award show. Okay, that might be a reach. We expect monologues that leave us scratching our heads and jokes that fall flat. We expect to see Fashion (good, bad and ugly) and hearing lots of speeches.


What we don’t expect are Twitter wars, choked up Red Carpet hosts and shout-outs to The Migos. But leave it to 2017 to raise the bar. Instant confusion set in for him. NBD, right?

WRONG. Well, kinda. Maybe a small deal.

Let’s just address that big, old elephant in the room. It’s not often that two highly praised movies with mostly Black casts are released, celebrated and nominated at the same time. The movie titles were put together no less than THREE times that night. “Hidden Fences” was also said by Michael Keaton while he was presenting.

Yes, people make mistakes and call things the wrong name on a daily basis. I can barely keep my children’s name straight. While I didn’t see anyone specifically OFFENDED by her slip-up, it took no time for Twitter to pounce and make #HiddenFences trending.

People were quick to defend Jenna, stating that the names are similar.107F108

However you feel about it, the Twitter memes combining two black movies and their plots was just plain funny. 

Both Jenna and Michael Keaton went on to apologize for their mistake. All’s well that ends well, I suppose.

Cold Opening

We knew that we were in for a fun night when host Jimmy Fallon shared that the Teleprompter wasn’t working. He powered on through, but not without bringing up Mariah and her atrocious NYE performance. Way to go for the obvious, Jimmy.

Some people are even questioning whether it was done on purpose, so that he could use the joke. I sure hope not; the Mariah thing is PLAYED OUT. He’s since shared that it was, indeed real.

Meryl Streep's Speech

Meryl Streep was given a Lifetime Achievement Award and used her platform to essentially call out the President Elect without actually calling him by name.
She challenged us to be kind, and yes she brought up the infamous and highly controversial incident of Donald Trump “mocking” a reporter. But that's not what lands this speech in the most bizarre ranking.

It was the aftermath, once the Donald heard that Ms. Streep dared to throw her Golden Globe in the political arena. He took to his preferred communication to address Meryl directly.

We will have a President that can’t handle not even a tiny bit of criticism. Somebody tell him it’s going to be a long 4 years.

Atlanta Win

I didn’t think I could get more shocked when Atlanta won for best Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy. Don’t get me wrong, I watched the show every Tuesday night when it premiered. It was funny and different from anything on television. I suppose I thought it was “too different” to actually win; but it did and I can dig it.

But then, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino gets up there and in his speech his thanks BLACK FOLKS and THE MIGOS for making Bad and Boujee. BRUH!

The looks on the faces of the audience tells you that:

(A) Not one of them even knew what Atlanta was (2) What is a Migo? (iii) Is this something that I’m supposed to know about to be cool?

They decided the answer was YES because less than 24 hours later Bad and Boujee by The Migos was the #1 song in the country. While the shout out from Glover can’t be solely responsible for the songs rise on the charts, it definitely gave it a boost- 67 million streams and 10 million views on YouTube after the Golden Globes.

So, while the Golden Globes was everything you expect from Hollywood Award shows- boss Fashion, a bit pretentious and stuffy…there were some standout, albeit peculiar, moments.

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