The Russo Brothers are turning 'The Warriors' into a Hulu series

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Yes, those Russo Brothers. 

You know, the ones who can seemingly do no wrong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The ones who brought us Captain America: The Winter Soldier (which no less a fan than Kevin Smith referred to as 'Three Days of the Condor but the Condor is the bad guy') and had the audacity to follow that up with the fantastic Captain America: Civil War

(They're also bringing us Avengers: Infinity War parts I and II, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.)

Deadline broke the news that Joe and Anthony Russo are working in conjunction with Paramount and Hulu to bring the 1979 cult classic film to modern audiences. 

Read the Deadline article here:

Watch the trailer for the original movie (which is well worth a watch, and is currently streaming on Netflix in the US) here:

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