The School Drop-Off Line

Can someone explain this to me? It seems to be the Number 1 complaint amongst my friends and family in the US.

Growing up, I don't remember it being such a problem. Then again, we walked to school or took the big yellow bus.

No, that's not me. Just how I felt whenever I took the bus.

This year, I drop my son off at one school and then go on to my school where I teach. Like many things in Turkey, there is no system. Because why? Chaos is great!

You just dart in wherever you can, and screw everyone that stands in your way. Or at least that is how it has been this first week back. Survival of the fittest. But back to the insane drop off and pick up rules. Check these out.

Is this just a white problem? I mean, I have been out of the US for a long time. This just seems nuts!

I guess the most important rule of school drop offs in the US? PULL FORWARD!

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