The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

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The State Hermitage Museum is formerly the Winter Palace , the main residence of the Russian Tsars. Together with four more buildings arranged side by side magnificently located the bank of the Neva River, it is the largest art gallery in Russia and is among the largest and most respected art museums in the world. #Baroque in style, the #palace is easily one of European Russia's most impressive attraction. 

The State Hermitage Museum is a #museum of #art, #culture, Russian #history, and also a museum of Russian #architecture. Utterly impressive in scale and #opulence, I was in absolute awe of The State Hermitage!  It is truly a museum of massive scale. During my visit with friends, we only managed to cover one floor in 4 hours. A return trip is definitely in the cards.

The Hermitage is also one for the oldest museums in the world, it was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great and has been open to the public for 163 years! 

The official website of The State Hermitage: 

We unfortunately managed to see just one floor in 4 hours! We should have allotted two days to see the entire museum. A trip back is already planned. I want to see everything! 

These #crystal #chandeliers are impressive. 

An insider guide to The State Hermitage Museum from its former Director: 

Beautiful and #ornate door, one of the 1,786 doors in the former Winter Palace for the Russian Tsars. 

Highly #decorative parquetry floor with different woods. #stunning

#checkerboard floors with stylized detail #parquetry 

Another room flooded in light with #baroque details, #arches and beautiful #architectural details in pale blue and white palette. The pendant chandeliers are 

Another #masterpiece, Rapahel's Conestabile Madonna (1504) in the Majolica Room. 

#Highlights of the the Winter Palace are #masterpieces by many of the giants of Renaissance painting. This one is by Venetian Titian Vecellio (1477-1576).A highly #provocative scene don't you think? 

The most creative period in Titian's life was during the 1550s when he was in his 70s.  His fame and glory resounded throughout Europe that sovereigns flocked to order works from him, mostly portraits.  Emperor Charles V honored him with the title of Count Palatine. 

St. Sebastian, another work by #Titian

Year: 1570 – 1572

Type: oil on canvas

#masterpiece, Benois Madonna, by Leonardo da Vinci

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