The Truth

I may not have understood, but I would have liked a warning. Because while babies are adorable, the stress of having a newborn is unlike anything I could have possibly imagined. The mundane - like tackling the next feeding - meets the massive - like wondering how to protect this perfect being in this imperfect world. The result is a perfect storm of exhaustion and emotion.

Recently NPR asked:

The segment focused on men and women, and asked if as a society we were even willing to talk about the unpleasant sides of bringing #home a new #baby, or if it is still too #taboo. Maybe it's silly to mention, because perhaps those who haven't experienced it won't understand, and those who have been there will just smile knowingly. But with all #mentalillness, it seems important to at least start the conversation.

43but one smile from the baby makes it worth it

Instead, I'll ask, what were your expectations of bringing home a baby, and what was the reality? Whether you've reproduced or not, do you think this is something that is discussed openly?

59Just sleep when the baby sleeps.60

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