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Oh, TGIT, how we've missed thee. We haven't seen a full #TGIT lineup since Spring 2016. Now, with Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder all returning on Thursday we ARE READY!  

We know that your plate is full and you’re already overwhelmed with real-life things, so I’ve compiled this  Unofficial Guide to a TGIT Watch Party to ensure you’re 100% prepared.  Excitement Level 10! Make no mistake:

Before we get started, a note to the Introverts among us: Watch Party does not mean that you’re having friends over. When you’ve got 3 hours of guaranteed great TV, snacks and no interruptions that’s a party in my book. To an introvert, THIS is a party:

Step 1: The Snack List
Let's face it, you know you’re going to the grocery store at least 7 times between now and Thursday night. There are two essentials for your list-

Wine: To channel Olivia Pope, opt for a full bodied red, like a Shiraz. If you’re more of a Meredith Grey kinda girl, well she loves her tequila. Annalise Keating is all about Vodka, but she’s losing control fast. The UGTGITWP’s official recommendation is wine. It’s gonna be a long night and the weekend hasn't began just yet, so no to the heavies.

Popcorn: The same way you can’t just sit through a movie at a theater without popcorn, popcorn is a TGIT necessity.  Add any other snacks you want, but consider popcorn a Thursday night staple.  If you’re feeling adventurous, kick your popcorn up a notch by making Homemade Gourmet popcorn inspired by recipes from my Pinterest Board.

Step 2: Time Management
Things easily spiral out of control when you're juggling all the things.  Listen carefully.  Lean in.  The devil is busy, but we will be victorious.  When you wake up on Thursday mornings start with a hearty praise, because you shall not be moved!

Start by getting dinner together in the morning.  Crockpot Thursdays is now a thing!  Here are a couple of posts and stories within Storia to inspire you.

Give me just one moment to chat with the Moms among us.  I know, getting the kids to bed is a chore in itself.  But, it's TGIT we're talking about, so you must remain vigilant, okay?  Lights out at 7:55 (Grey's starts at 8pm EST).  If you need some helpful tips on getting them to bed, might I suggest this story:

An aside to the Moms with children who may be old enough to stay up later and put themselves to bed. In this case, make sure they know it’s time for Mommy’s time out. It may look something like this:

Lastly, in the time management arena- make sure that YOU catch a power nap and/or are well rested. What good would it be to make dinner early, get the kids in bed only to end upr falling asleep and having to catch it on DVR the next day. Watching in real time is a MUST or it loses its effect. So be sure to keep your energy up.

Step 3: Commit to a night of Self-Care
We might as well use our time wisely.  It’s the perfect night to deep condition your hair, give yourself a facemask, paint your nails or any other relaxing “girly” beauty ritual. Switching from one treatment to the next is a great use of commercial time.Here's one of my favorite clay masks

Making your own conditioner is fun and inexpensive:

No matter if you're partying by yourself or inviting friends over, having on your comfy PJ's and having some at home spa treatments is just dope.You can follow BeautyMania for all kinds of tips, tricks and ideas for DIY facials, hair treatments and more.

Step 4: Twitter
TGIT and Shonda Rhimes invented Live Tweeting. Legend has it that Kerry Washington suggested that the Tweet during the premiere of Scandal and had such great feedback that the cast committed to doing it every week. Now Grey’s and HTGAWM joined in on the fun and the rest is Twitter history.  

In addition to followng the cast of each show and Shonda Rhimes, I love following Awesomely Luvvie.  I LIVE for her recaps!  She's also a NYTimes bestselling author, and Shonda Rhimes endorsed her book, so you know it's legit because they're practically best friends.  That's how I think it works anyway.  Luvvie tweets mostly about Scandal and while you're making sure you follow her, catch up on the Season 5 finale:

Get in on the Live Tweeting fun by using these top hastags:
#tgit #scandal #gladiators #htgawm #whokilledwes#greysanatomy

Oh, and you might want to post an announcement on Facebook to not call you, even if it’s during a commercial. Otherwise you’ll be answering the phone with an attitude...if you even answer at all.

So there you have it!  All the MUST DO things to make your watch party LIT AF!

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