They're charming and funny

They're charming and funny

Moo was my baby. He was slightly neurotic, but with his background, he definitely earned it. One of the things I remember best about him is how he insisted on family dinner. It was fine in his mind to eat breakfast by himself, without his humans. But dinner? Not okay. If we tried to serve him dinner without also eating at the same time, he would sit patiently next to his bowl and rock back and forth, which was kind of like his version of tapping his foot. So we learned to eat at the same time he did, and he was happy, and so were we.

Sabine is the only rabbit we've met so far who finds snuggles more important than food. It definitely isn't a fluke; she does this thing on a regular basis, where she'll completely ignore her food that you've just brought her until she gets some ear rubs and nose scratches. Once her snuggle quota has been reached, she'll happily chow down on her food.

33foster failure.34Uncharted videogame series, because he's a charming and fearless explorer. The fact that he is also a skilled romaine thief is merely coincidental.

Both Sabine and Nathan currently live with us now, and their antics and personalities are so distinct, we can't imagine life without them.

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