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If you are an aspiring writer with brilliant ideas in mind waiting to be transferred to a Word Document, wait no more. Grab a hot cup of coffee, click on any software that allows you to express yourself through words and get started. While some confine their writings to themselves, some share them with their friends and family and some dream of reaching out to the world through their words. But, is it easy to get published? The world answers, No. Many now world renowned authors faced declinations and rejections, several times. Had they stopped trying having been discouraged, we would never have had an opportunity to read their masterpieces. For instance, the King of Horror - Stephen King was rejected thirty times when he tried to publish his first work, Carrie, which is now considered one of the brilliant works ever! Had J.K Rowling given up after 12 rejections, the world would not have witnessed a revolution in Children's Fantasy. Is the difficulty level still the same? May be Yes. Are the opportunities to get published low? Definitely No. As the technology progressed, the past decade witnessed the birth of several publication houses and many of them have already been critically acclaimed for the works they promoted. So, how and where to start? Here are the Top 10 tips which could help on that aspect. Facebook is the best tool: There are hundreds of opportunities to get published by staying connected to the Publication House Facebook page. Do not miss any opportunity to submit your work to any of them when they call out for entries. You never know which is going to be your first or where the door might lead to! Enter Contests: You can find several contests being announced by several publication houses. Understand what they are looking for - Genre, Style, etc., and give it your best shot. Make sure you write something which forces them to want to publish. Write anything and everything: Avoid sticking to one type of entry. Be it a short story challenge or a novella contest, participate and participate. Write, Edit, Rewrite, Edit, Edit and Send: Before sending your work to any publisher, make sure that's your best piece of work. Only when you conclude that you cannot make your writing any better, send it. If you do not believe in your story or if you are not impressed, never expect a publisher to. Research for the right publisher: There is no use sending a Sci-Fi work to a publisher who has never published one or is not interested in publishing one no matter how good your piece of work is. Research about the publisher. Visit their website, Google about them and find out if your work's Genre matches with what they are looking for. Format your work in the best possible way: Make sure that the script is formatted as per the guidelines mentioned by the publisher before submitting. Usually, every publication house has its own standards mentioned in their website. If not, its Okay to ask them rather than using a font which would make them throw your manuscript away into the pile of other manuscripts. If there are no guidelines available, Google for the best possible format - including the Font type, Font size, Heading structure, Margin size, Paragraph format, Header and Footers etc.

Never overdo or over-sell: Never try to impress the publisher by sending any extra information of yours like certificates, recommendation letters, pictures etc., whichever is not asked by the publisher. That sends out a signal that you are trying to cover up your weak manuscript. Make sure you enclose exactly those documents which you are asked for while mailing/e-mailing them. Never rewrite a story from another language and call it your own: Editors are way smart, knowledgeable and experienced than you think they are. That's always Okay to wait, if required for years, than to be banned by a publisher. Never ever haunt a publisher: One golden rule after submitting - Sit tight. Everyone understands how eager and excited you are to know if the publisher has liked your work or not, but that's not what a publisher would care about. Usually almost all the editors go through the manuscripts submitted thoroughly and would respond back once they are done. Unless it has been more than the time they mentioned in their correspondence or their website as to when they would get back, do not ask them for an update either by mail or phone or whichever communication channel. Always thank and communicate positively irrespective of the result: Win or lose, always stay in good terms with the publisher. That helps them recollect you with a positive feeling when they find another work submitted to them by you. These tips might not ensure victory, but would sure help reach your goal of looking at your own book in a famous book store.

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