True crime: #KillingIt in pop culture since 1550

True crime: #KillingIt in pop culture since 1550

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Deep down, you know you love a good true crime story.

Sure, there are moral questions. At the heart of much great fiction is a central battle between good and evil. A morality tale, if you will. As human beings, no matter our cultural differences, we tend to eat that stuff with a spoon.

That’s because at our cores, most of us truly want to believe that although the arc of the moral universe might be long, ultimately it bends toward justice.

It really shouldn’t surprise us that true crime has been a pop culture passion since at least 1550. 


Back in the 1500s, the ability to read wasn’t a sure thing in Britain. However, as more of the general populace (not just the upper classes) became literate, they needed reading material.

People just loved anything to do with true crime. Reported stories, narrative verse—you name it. Like your bloodthirsty tales set to music? That’s why murder ballads came to popularity in the 17th century. #lifebeforeTV #lifebeforeNetflix


If you played rhyming games when you were a kid, chances are excellent you knew of Lizzie Borden long before you saw that Lifetime movie about her starring Christina Ricci. 

But unlike Miss Mary Mack, Borden was an actual person accused of an actual (and horrible) crime in 1892. Miscarriage of justice? Unjust persecution? At the time, there were people on all sides of the argument—as you see with modern sensational true crime cases as well. O.J. Simpson, anyone?

Read more on true crime’s bloody history here:

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