Trump needs to keep his lips to Melania and off this little girl ?

Trump needs to keep his lips to Melania and off this little girl ?

Topaz ? 2 years ago

Donald Trump attempted to kiss a little girl at his rally in Wisconsin (twice!) and it totally creeps me out.  Let me count the ways...

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Just no. This was all sorts of wrong. You don't ever force your lips on anyone, but especially a child. I don't even force my three year old to kiss or hug me (or anyone else) if he's not feeling it. Gone are the days where your parents force you to hug your Great Great Uncle that you've never seen. We now know that this type of slippery slope is what led us to being confused as a nation over the definition of consent.

We're finally climbing out of that hole of naivety.  Well, all of us except your Republican Presidential Nominee. Donald Trump Kisses Little Girl Who Clearly Doesn't Want To Be Kissed, World CringesDonald Trump beckoned a little girl to the stage and kissed her twice. The footage is making Twitter

Someone needs to teach this cutie the stiff arm, although she did well blocking the second attempt where he went in for her lips.

Now, I'm no Trump fan (not a fan of either candidate, honestly), but even if this had been the homie Barack Obama- I'm not good with any stranger kissing a child they don't know.

Especially one who will be talking shit about her if she happens to be not be a size 2 in a few years.

Especially one who thinks went home from his rally to their inner city neighborhood where her life is a disaster and she can't walk down the street without getting shot.

Especially one who thinks that being a celebrity gives you the right to grab her genitals without asking.

Yep, I'm judging the hell out of her parents, for letting Mr. Creepy McTrumpster USE their daughter as a prop.

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