New hotline for illegal alien crime gets punked

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America's political position on immigration changes with each presidential election, and in these trying times when the current Administration is not only anti-immigrant but is actively seeking to demonize immigrants, along comes this new scapegoating hotline established by Trump.

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The Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) Introduced VOICE, which stands for the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office today, April 26th.  The public was directed to the hotline if they believe they were victims of crime perpetrated by someone of illegal status.  

???Have no fear, because the people who resist oppression are here, America!???

What the government didn't expect...was the absolute flood of calls reporting aliens. Lots and lots of aliens!

The faithful public reported on their experiences via Twitter too.

Some were fooling around...

Some were serious...

191Mulder on the Scent of an X-File192

Yep, this one is X-Files-y too!

OK, this one is just cosmic!

Oops! Quick! Someone report this guy!

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