Unsung heros of the rock world get their own boring show

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Created by Oscar-winning writer/director Cameron Crowe, the comedy #ROADIES on #Showtime is an insider’s look at the backstage workers who put the show on the road for a successful arena-level band somewhere in America. The problem is, it's not very good! 

Watch the trailer here:

Watch the first episode here:

Why is it not very good? Paper thin characterizations, unbelievable responsibilities given to much-too-young actors, and a plot fed to us in terrible dialogue like we can't figure out anything on our own. Then there's all the poor skateboarding and whirling cameras which make you sea sick. 

This is all a disappointment because the main actors are veterans (Carla Guigino! Luke Wilson!) Cameron Crowe (who wrote my fave movie ALMOST FAMOUS) knows this backstage rock world (he was a writer for ROLLING STONE!). Plus, the amazing JJ Abrams produces. 

Globe & Mail didn't like it either, calling it bland.

Random dude Russell hates it too.

Oh dear, it doesn't pass the real roadie smell test.

Give it a try, and report back here how ROADIES strikes you. Shall we hate-watch it, like Pappafeez? 

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