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Highline Park NYC is one of the escapes for those who live in the concrete jungle of the city. It was built on an elevated rail track that went out of use in the 1980s and was an abandoned place until 2009 when it was reconstructed into a green urban park that goes all the way from the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street. Quickly it became a popular place to come on a sunny day, enjoy the urban nature and watch busy city life running below.


Graffiti is an inseparable part of the Highline Park. Each time walking there you can notice something new. The most famous graffiti is of an American sailor kissing a woman in a white dress by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra that was originally photographed in Times Square on VJ Day 1945, by Alfred Eisenstaedt.


Architecture on the both sides of the Highline looks quite futuristic and fits in with the modern and unique vibe of this place.

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