See Venice Beach artists in their natural habitat. That's Artblock.

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Venice Artblock is probably one out of three other art events in Venice that all happen within a week. Artblock is a way to see local Venice Beach artists in their own natural habitat and visit their open studios. I normally stick to my favorites:

Flavio of Fab Art Gallery - whose recent work showcase his very own scorched studio and what's left of his devastated artwork from a recent fire. With the help of his neighbors and friends, he was able to create beauty and rise from the ashes.

Jules Muck - a low brow Venice grafitti artist who's work is often portraits of late celebrities painted in green that can be seen ALL OVER Venice Beach. With a past of a long struggle in addiction and bad habits, Jules rose from the muck and translated her triumphs through her rebelious art and have been heavily commissioned by rock n' roll stars.

Rohitash Rao - from the advertisement world as an Art Director, Ro became a personal friend, whose work are often whimsical, rebelious, combined with today's social life, musicians and others that are painted on recycled or found objects.

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