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One of the things that I learned from my #coach Tom Buchner is that #visualization is a powerful #tool. The #brain can become super focused on a goal, into an obsessive drive and push out all other inputs that interfere with that #goal. As you can Conceive, so you Believe, you will Achieve – he was often fond of saying. 

Every camp has it's ending ceremony, usually with a collar device, advancement in #rank, or a chest cookie ribbon. 

You need to already see in your head as earning, wearing and owning that mark of #success. 

In my first round of #bootcamp, I used my MOS ranking Chevron Badge as a book mark. I had the Intelligence Class E-4 rank as my daily reminder to push hard. I was wearing that rank in under a year. By all accounts, an unheard of time. I sewed it on before my 18th Birthday and was the youngest E-4 Graduate out of the #Naval Intelligence Professional #School. I am not sure if that record still stands; but indeed, word got around. 

#psychology #military 

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