Want to live at Hogwarts? Here's the next best thing ??

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Picture this: You've got your pumpkin pasty, a nice mug of butterbeer, and maybe some chocolate frogs waiting for dessert. Could it get any better?

Now, thanks to the fine people at Ambient-Mixer.com, you can make every part of your life sound like you're at Hogwarts! If you look up and think you see Harry, Ron, and Hermione, thank the people who sculpted the Gryffindor common room soundscape!

Looking at this photo, you can probably hear that crackling fire in your head. If you're the kind of person who needs appropriate ambient noise to set your creative mood, set up in Hogwarts or any of a ton of other fantastic places here. No need to loop manually; it plays seamlessly on its own, so you can turn it on and get to work!

Fantastic Noises And Where To Find Them:

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