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As the #wife of an #activeduty #service member, I know deployments are a part of life. 

But after enduring five years (the length of our #marriage) of #deployments, #deaths of #friends or #acquaintances, and thinking about another #danger zone mission, I'm tired. 

I can only imagine the #exhaustion of #families who have been in this cycle since the beginning or who have #lovedones in positions that are called upon more frequently. 

When these deployments start again, to be honest just continue, how long will the US be involved? 

How many years this time? 

I get that we need to find a way to end this endless cycle, but surely there must be a better way than endless #war.


Marguerite Flanagan is an educator in Falls Church City, Virginia. She's written about the military life at MilKids Ed, NextGen MilSpouse, Homefront United Network, Blue Star Families and the National Military Family Association. 

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