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Canned Cocktails, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Pops & More

As you may have noticed, we do things differently at our establishment. Sure, the restaurant has a printed menu for food and cocktails, but our diners will want to grab off-menu items from our roaming carts. It’s easy, it’s novel, and it’s fun. 

The method behind the madness...

We realized that since craft cocktails built right at your table won’t work with the whole instant delivery concept, we created liquid nitrogen cocktail popsicles, canned cocktails, and pre-constructed cocktails in mason jars. Instant gratification for our customers! 

More about our otter pops...

Our “Odd-er Pops” are pre-made, three-ounce cocktails in those familiar popsicle bags. Just like the Otter Pops of your youth, each color is representative of the flavor, or in this case cocktail, you’re getting, like the “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” for the Lemon Drop and “It’s Not Easy Being Green” for the Appletini. We like to switch out the flavors frequently, so it's best you just try them all! The pops come to your table via an old Delta Airlines cart, at which point the liquid popsicle is given a short, smoky nitrogen bath. Unique, fun and not seen at many other restaurants in the area.

 The entire process takes no longer than two minutes. In the end you get a slushy, boozy popsicle. Being we’re a family-friendly restaurant as well, we also offer the nonalcoholic Odd-er Pops as well. 

More about our canned cocktails and why they are a game changer...

A lot of bars in Los Angeles are bottling cocktails, but why not can them? We think it’s cool, we think it’s fun and we think it’s a game changer. All cocktails are canned in house with a Church Key label slapped on. Our cart server will either pop the can open for you with a church key or let you do it yourself. And you can pour it into a glass over ice or drink it straight from the can, like they did with flat-top beer cans in the old days. 

More about our mason jar cocktails...

Our third cart idea was inspired by customers who want to shake cocktails themselves. We realized over time that everyone loves the bartender shake and deep down inside all of our customers want to give it a shot themselves! So...we put cocktails in mason jars! The cart server will simply add ice and hand the jar over to you to either shake or stir the cocktail yourself. Fun, interactive, different and another fun concept that sets us apart from our surrounding bars. 

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