What do Bill Gates & chronic have in common?

What do Bill Gates & chronic have in common?

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Take a minute. Have another. Give up? The legal weed biz!

Yessiree, Microsoft is making a bet on the legal weed business. The Pacific Northwest software giant announced it's partnering with LA-based pot startup ‘Kind’ to create software that helps track marijuana plants from “seed to sale.”  That makes it the first big company to get involved with cannabusiness, breaking the corporate taboo, as the New York Times writes.

Microsoft's contribution to AgriSoft, powered by its cloud platform Azure, is meant to facilitate sales and commerce for states with legalized medical or recreational marijuana use.

Is Bill Gates himself a toker? No credible source exists to confirm that, and he doesn't answer the question directly, but according to Fortune's recent list of CEOs who admit to smoking, he is on record as voting for legalization.

What does KINDFinancial do? They make cannabiscompliance easy by providing technology and tools that empower marijuana-related businesses to transact safely, securely and in adherence with the rules, regulations, laws and guidelines governing the cannabis industry.

Watch this perky video to see how it works!

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