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Do you watch web series? Branded web series—and serialized storytelling—isn’t just for Hulu and YouTube anymore. Companies are increasingly choosing to create short, bite-sized series for the fast-twitch wired generation.

This has already become a noticeable trend on #Vine, where companies like Burt’s Bees are making teensy, hilarious branded videos. (The story of Julius Caesar is way more funny when it’s told in only six seconds and with tubes of moisturizer.)

#BurtsBees hilarious branded videos:

#Trident takes another approach by featuring famous Vine-ers in their videos, like this one with #BrittanyFurlan:

Adidas Originals and Champs Sports’ Insta Stories:

#Adidas Originals and Champs Sports are also getting into the short story game, but they’ve launched a video series on #Instagram targeting high school #varsity #athletes --called #AdicolorTV. 

If you’re not exactly sure what that looks like, it pretty much means professional athletes #dancing, #LilJohn speaking his own personal language, and #trippy visuals. The series of videos is an intriguing experiment in combining the frenetic aesthetic and appeal of Vine with the type of serialized storytelling usually found on YouTube. 

Some of Champs’ other videos are, let’s just say, a little bit off the beaten path stylistically. They’re even more jumpy than Vine, whose signature quality is its rapid jump cuts:

With the magic of #editing and strobe effects, Champs Sports manages to make you feel like you’ve been transported to a #club. And you’re hallucinating. And #LilJohn is there.

Each #episode tops out at 15 seconds, which, let’s be honest, is ideal. Teenagers aren’t exactly famed for their long attention spans. Or, as Adidas Style Director Kelly Olmstead puts it: “We know that #highschool kids are interested in bite size and easy-to-understand stories.”

The available #research seems to back this up. As an Elon University study of #teens and 20-somethings today reports:

“Many of the experts surveyed by Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center and the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project predicted this generation will be good at connecting, collaborating, and working quickly, they also expect their characteristics to include a thirst for instant gratification and quick fixes and a lack of patience and deep-thinking ability due to what one referred to as “fast-twitch wiring.”

Danah Boyd of Microsoft Research went as far as to say, “There is no doubt that #brains are being rewired” by the evolving nature of digital information networks.

This explosion of #microcontent video platforms like Instagram and Vine and #Snapchat makes it official. #Brands have to act fast in order to grab their audience, and that's more fun for viewers with attention spans of goldfish!

What are your favorite web series and microstories on social media services? Post a link below!


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