What's so satisfying about DIY?

Picture this: you get up in the morning, you shower, you get dressed, you make some coffee or tea, and maybe you eat a little something before you go to work. Or maybe you take care of your coffee before you get in the shower. Either way, your basic routine is the same every single morning.

When you get to work, you have another routine. Maybe you punch in via an old-fashioned time clock, or use a new computerized system to mark your time. Maybe your office is very informal, and you simply have to wave to someone else there to make sure they know that you've arrived. You go about your daily business. If the phone rings, you answer it. That's a really good metaphor for how you're living life: you do exactly what's expected, when it's expected.

Dandelion Decimation, Side View

There has to be more to life than this, doesn't there? I mean, routine makes us all feel safe, and we take a certain amount of comfort in knowing with a reasonable degree of certainty that certain things will always happen at certain times. But is this really living? Yes, we're making money to pay our bills, but simply taking a vacation every year (if we're lucky) can't be the only reason we're doing this, can it?

You need something to make your everyday life satisfying. Accumulating stuff just doesn't do it. Maybe at first, when you get your very first paycheck and you revel in being able to buy yourself a treat, but it gets pretty old pretty fast. So what do you do?

Chances are excellent that you just want to create something. This is one reason that art and music classes in schools are so important. We may not all grow up to be professional artists and musicians, but recognizing our innate need for creativity is a skill that will be useful throughout our lives. No matter what profession you're in for your day job, there is some way that creativity needs to get out.

Maybe you really like tinkering with tools, and were a kid that regularly took everything apart just so you could learn how it worked and put it back together. Or maybe you really enjoy the satisfaction of growing your own plants from seed, and maybe even harvesting something edible from them, or simply enjoying their beautiful flowers. Maybe you enjoy taking a never-ending skein of yarn and turning it into something usable, and even pretty. Or maybe you enjoy taking it a step further, and spinning the yarn in the first place from natural fibers.

The possibilities are truly endless. But all DIY comes from a common root: our basic need to get our hands dirty.

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